Hi Friend

Weird times, huh? This is the temporary landing page of my website during Covid.


I dedicate this page of pause to:

All of the artists (and people!) whose old bios feel confusing and irrelevant.

To anyone whose dreams have been "monkey-wrenched" by the pandemic.

To anyone endlessly winded trying to keep up with their own emotional fluctuations during this time. 

To the sick, the heroes, and the bodies trying their best to stay afloat. 

Let's all just take a breath together before you head over to my busy-energetic-appropriate-for-NYC's-pre-pandemic-pace-Actor Website. 

During quarantine I've spent my time leaning into curiosity, shipping projects before I'm ready, and allowing new experiences to define a new sense of self. It's felt like a whole bundle of permission to take the blinders off my Broadway dreams to find and nurture the other things I love.  

I've made a mini-film/music video I'll be releasing early June (and then posting here), have taught yoga classes, lead workshops to slow down and express yourself, and have been leading month long creativity adventures on "The Create Ship" (co-created with Lizzie Markson). 

If you'd like to be invited to workshops, yoga classes, and creativity adventures in the future, sign up here:  

I consent to Ariella emailing me. 

In the meantime, I hope you are finding ways to make your heart happy, make yourself smile, and see some of the possibility inherent in all of this madness. Reach out with any thoughts and questions you may have. 

With love, 

Ariella Serur